Our entire community is still flying high from the weekend Loren spent here. She connected to every person in the shul in a unique way. Loren's talents and accomplishments provided inspiration to the teenagers to strive to be better and do more. Her story touched the souls of so many adults, and her humility reminded us all to not take ourselves too seriously and to not just think of our talents of to use them instead. In short, Loren made quite the impression! May she continue to use her G-d given skills to inspire, to help and to heal, and in doing so make this world a better place.


-Yisrael Motzen, Rabbi, Ner Tamid Greenspring Valley Synagogue


Wow - it was absolutely our pleasure to have Loren speak at Drew.  The students loved her and the Holocaust Center folks were equally impressed. I have gotten great feedback from everyone.  I believe Loren’s term was "fairy dust", and we thank her so much for sprinkling a bit of it on us.  In fact, would you believe we have a movement to start at 3G group on our campus - all inspired by Loren’s visit!


-Jonathan Golden, Assoc. Director, Center on Religion, Culture & Conflict, Drew University


Reading Loren Galler Rabinowitz’s bio is a humbling experience: a world skating champion, a graduate of Harvard College, former Miss Massachusetts, a current medical student at Columbia University… I could go on. But even more impressive is knowing her. Her grace, her discipline, her dedication to the great human causes she believes in and invests her time in are all examples of what make her so unique. Loren’s strength comes from her family—all so talented in their own right; it was her grandparents, survivors of the Holocaust, that taught her the value of respecting others, speaking out for what is right, and persevering through the most impossible of circumstances. Loren is someone who truly can and will do anything she sets her mind to, and with the greatest level of competence and success.


-Michael Ross, Boston City Councilor


Loren, I spoke of you and your accomplishments as an example of our extraordinary undergraduate body at a recent California alumna talk...  I loved the quote in the Boston Globe where you spoke about fundamentally just wanting to contribute to a better world!


-Drew Faust, President, Harvard University


Loren is the complete package: professional figure skater, poet, scholar, and Miss Massachusetts; beauty, brains, and muscle all in one... When Loren spoke at the induction ceremony, I speak for the entire Hall of Fame Committee  when I say how eloquent she was and how moved we were by her talking about her experiences working with her physician-mother at her clinic and as the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors.  In the 20 years of directing the Hall of Fame I can say without reservation that I have never met anyone like Loren... she is an amazing woman.      


-The National Jewish Sports Hall of Fame and Museum


Loren speaks with extraordinary eloquence and heartfelt passion about the experiences of her grandparents during the Holocaust. She has used her year as Miss Massachusetts as a vehicle to relate their story to thousands of people throughout the Commonwealth and beyond, imbuing her audiences with a profound understanding of the importance of remembering. Those among us who strive to ensure that "never again" are more than idle words are grateful for Loren's commitment and invaluable contributions.


-Richard S. Mann, President, New England Holocaust Memorial Comimission


I have never received so many emails about an event before… the raves went on and on about how humble and grateful Loren is for for all she has received. Loren was by far the best of all our speakers in past years.


-Judith Jolton, President, Jewish Federation of New Hampshire


With her gorgeous smile, delightful personality, and thoughtful speech, Loren charmed and entertained our synagogue members as she spoke at our Sisterhood Shabbat at Temple Emanuel in January, 2012.  Using her humor as well as her sharp intelligence, Loren spoke of her family history and the Holocaust, her story of becoming Miss Massachusetts, and how life often comes full circle.  We had heard a lot about Loren and our expectations were high, and she still managed to amaze us. Thank you, Loren!


-Ronna Benjamin, President, Temple Emanuel Sisterhood


Having Loren as our featured speaker truly made the evening an unforgettable one. The feedback we have been receiving since that evening has been overwhelming. People are in awe of Loren, her accomplishments and her grandparents’ story. 


-Melissa Stern, Co-chair of Annual Fundraiser for North Shore Jewish Federation